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Happy Mother’s Day

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

I had my first dream about a baby since losing Sadler. What a coincidence it was the day before Mother’s Day. Maybe that’s just what my heart needed to dream about my future. I had one chunky, blonde-haired baby boy in my arms, and let me tell you, he was well fed. I have always said I wanted a little chunky baby one day. And I think Sadler would’ve been. His little legs were starting to get creases in them. I ate a lot while pregnant, so I’m sure that's why it makes me laugh thinking about Sadler being a little chunk.

But my heart is broken this weekend. What I would give to actually have a baby in my arms and not be dreaming about one. I wish so badly this wasn’t how my first Mother’s Day would be, and it sure isn’t how I imagined it would be. But honestly, I have to say I’m at peace.

And I know my peace comes from our God, who has given me the daily strength to keep moving forward. Have you noticed I’ve never said moving on? Because I’ll never move on from this tragedy that has changed me forever. But I can move forward. I can move forward knowing I’ll see my Angel again, and I can move forward knowing I’ll have babies here on earth one day, I can move forward because I have a community behind me praying daily.

I was told this week, “you have no idea how many prayers have been said for you all from my house alone.”

It’s moments like that, that I’m reminded just how I have been able to do this.

This one’s for the moms, for the ones who desire to be moms, for the ones who are moms to heavenly babies, for the ones who have become moms through adoption or fostering, for the ones who are moms with bonus children, for the ones who are single moms. This one’s for you.

No matter how you became a mother, celebrate yourself. You deserve all the praise and all of the recognition.

And to the ones reading this who don’t have someone to call Mom, I hope today you celebrate you because you are amazing, strong, and resilient.

I’m thinking of you all, no matter your story. Just know, you’re not alone.

All my love,


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